My Approach

For many of my clients, the psychotherapy process begins with learning new ways to reduce stress, compulsive habits and/or chronic pain through mindfulness meditation and related body-mind practices.

In the case of trauma survivors, Somatic Experiencing® method guides my work: helping to create a safe container for you to resolve recurring themes and experience connectedness on an embodied level. This may result in healing your physical and emotional symptoms, perhaps inclusive of depression and anxiety.

Ultimately, I work from a depth psychological perspective. This calls for a commitment to the process itself: for both therapist and client to stay engaged in an intensive therapeutic alliance over time. Understanding the nature of the relationship that unfolds between you and myself as therapist often clarifies primary relationship issues in your life. Similarly, historic roots of destructive life reenactments may be discovered in psychodynamic patterns.

At the same time, I recognize the need to view you, as an individual, within various systems contexts, inclusive of your family or couples relationship, as well as that of your cultural heritage.

My approach to helping couples attends to the interaction between partners’ differentiation and their intimacy, as well as questions of attachment style and spiritual connectedness within the dyad. I feel passionately about the need for this kind of work. Included in this is a willingness to grapple directly with, and focus on, the sexual concerns between partners.

Finally, I enjoy working with individuals around issues of consciousness transformation and crises of spiritual emergence.

Contact Me

If any of this resonates, I would welcome your phone call at 415-431-3331.