Anne M. Pincus, Ph.D.


My Philosophy

At some point in time, many of us feel an urgency to find the right psychotherapist, and a method which ‘fits’ — in order to deal with personal issues which trouble us deeply at the core.

I view myself as a facilitator
or a spiritual midwife in this process. True catalysts for change arise in any individual’s own daily life. My function is to guide you, as a client, to know yourself more deeply, feel obstacles energetically, face conflicts consciously, and ultimately let go of any internal resistance which is blocking movement.

After over 30 years of practice in Clinical Psychology, I recognize that change takes place over time. Understanding the necessary elements which allow for deeper personal transformation has been the focus of my career, beginning with my doctoral research in 1979.

Good psychotherapy sets in motion an overall energy shift by easing life currents on intuitive and embodied levels, as well as cognitive and emotional ones. As a function of re-opening this energetic flow, you may experience a revitalization of your entire life. In addition, through psychotherapeutic work, the intrinsic human search for meaning is acknowledged and an individual’s freedom to find such meaning is regained.