Anne M. Pincus, Ph.D.


About Me

With 20 years experience as a generalist-practioner in a rural state, and as a parent of two young adults, I find there are few psychological questions to which I have never been exposed.

My clients are folks like you, at every age and stage of life. They have frequently included:

  1. Couples of all orientations seeking both relationship and sex therapy
  2. Young adults and late adolescents with self-definition and identity issues
  3. Individuals working through life issues of loss and grief
  4. Survivors of both recent and childhood trauma, for whom PTSD connects body and mind
  5. Dually diagnosed individuals, with sobriety of at least one year who are currently dealing with anxiety and depression (earlier self-medicated through alcohol/ drug use)
  6. Adults coping with life changes, including those following brain injury
With several years of travel experience outside of North America, I am also at ease in a variety of different cultural contexts. Some investigation of traditional indigenous healing practices informs my work. Thus I ground my vision in a rigorous understanding of biology, neuropsychology, as well as culture and spiritual world-view. My approach allows you to embrace the whole of your particular experience on multiple levels of consciousness, as well as to think about it with both clarity and compassion.

I sincerely look forward to working with anyone for whom such a perspective seems to fit.